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2015 UFTA Nationals Accomplishments


Rocky River Gun Dogs had quite the week at the UFTA Nationals held in Section, Alabama. We are very proud of our dogs and clients, among many other accomplishments, Rocky River recorded its' 11th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP since 2007! Cole (age 7) brought home two 2nd place wins in youth- placing with "Hellion" in pointing and "Cinnamon" in flushing. Matt handled "Butch", owned by Jeff Rickabaugh, in Pointing Amateur and ended up the FIRST PLACE AMATEUR NATIONAL CHAMPION! These dogs were all 4 years of age or younger and there were a total of 180 dogs!!!!!! Matt also handled "Deuces" for Richard Sipes and finished 2nd place overall in Pointing Open out of 290 dogs!! Phil Behe brought home a 2nd Place finish in the Senior Division with "Hellion"! Matt and Clay Moose ran "Covey", owned by Tommy Wiley, and "Hellion" in Pointing Doubles and came in 5th!

Other Major Accomplishments: "Duke" a one year old German Shorthair, owned by Jesse and Bonnie Roach, had very impressive runs and only missed the finals by a mere minute! "Lillie" a two year old, owned by Jim and Nancy Bryan, had the quickest run in a field of 30 dogs and put on quite a show! "Deacon", owned by Dan Torgeson also had two great qualifying runs and made it to the Pointing Amateur Finals! "Shooter", handled by Dan and owned by Richard Sipes, made it all the way to the Open Finals! "Butch" also made it to the Pointing Open Finals, and was handed by Lance MacLennan! Congrats to all the dogs and owners!!!

We are located in Eden, NC, the land of the two rivers Along with hunting ducks and upland game birds, we also enjoy training field trialing and hunt tests. We will also be hosting several tournaments throughout the year.

If you are interested in our dogs, our training programs, or you would just like to call and talk dogs, we would be happy to chat about our favorite past time!

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